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Are you looking for Vocal Coaching / Singing Lessons in Dublin City Centre?! Look no further as we offer the best vocal coaching Dublin city centre has to offer! From absolute beginners to professionals looking to fine tune their voice. Located in a convenient Dublin city centre location, our expert teacher offers both graded and ungraded syllabuses, with options to suit all tastes.

Our vocal coach has a versatile background that allows them to tailor the class to your needs. Want to learn how to sing in a particular style? No Problem! Want to improve technique and harmony? Of course! Want to follow the graded exam syllabus? We're the right school for you.

Vocal Coaching lessons are available as private lessons for adults. Contact us now for information on our upcoming term.




Luisa Annibali

Luisa Annibali is an Italian-born singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, and vocal coach based in Dublin. For several years she studied in Rome at ‘CIAC Music School’, exploring many styles and vocal techniques, from Classical to Pop, Jazz, Brazilian Music, RnB, Soul and Neo Soul. She recently achieved her Bachelor Degree as Vocalist in ‘Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance’ at the Dublin City University (ex Newpark) expanding her musical and performance knowledges. She is an expert in vocal technique and performance skills and strategies.

In the last 6 years Luisa taught students of every level, style, and age, helping them find their real voice and confidence to enjoy and not fear the stage. She is a very passionate teacher, and she helps singers to express themselves at their full potential. Her classes are always customized for each student’ needs. Luisa is also an experienced performer, active both in Italy and Ireland; therefore, she transfers the experience of a professional musician in her teaching method. She is currently teaching as Vocal Coach at the ‘Sound Training College’ and ‘Music Generation Dublin City’ as well.

Vocal Coaching / Singing Lessons Dublin City Centre