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Music Industry Round-Up : June 2017

Music Industry Round-Up : June 2017

  • The people over at Output have branched into the studio furniture business! They are known for some of the most interesting plugins, Movement, Substance, Signal, Exhale among others! They had teased us earlier in the month via social media with posts such as "Built By Musicians, For Musicians", "It Doesn't Make A Single Sound", and "It's Not A Plugin". Speculation was rife but they finally put everyone out of their misery and finally released Platform. They say we love making music so we should love WHERE we make music too! With enough room for you MIDI keyboard, rack mounted gear and compact cable management they've done a serious job with it. Fairly hefty price-tag starting at $549.

  • Probably the slickest keyboard ever produced, the ROLI Seaboard is actually much more than a keyboard. They class it as a smooth, continuous, touch-responsive surface where any kind of sound is possible. The original 49 key version had a very high price tag of €1,199, and they went upwards to €9,999.95 for the Seaboard Grand LFE (of which only 88 will ever be made). Thankfully, they have decided to branch into something more affordable and something that would suit a travelling musician, the Seaboard Block. Basically a more compact, more affordable, portable version of the Seaboard. They also have additional add-on's you can expand your Seaboard Block with, Lightpad, Live Block, Loop Block and Touch Block.

  • Steinberg will be mostly known for making the Digital Audio Workstation Cubase, but they also have a hugely popular post-production production suite Nuendo. They recently released an updated Version 8 which comes with a whole heap of new toys, including a new Sampler Track where users can easily drag & drop samples from the MediaBay for instant playback and manipulation, Game Audio Connect 2 which enables users to transfer entire music compositions from Nuendo to Wwise middleware including audio & MIDI tracks along with cycle and cue markers and Direct Offline Processing including a host of other new features that you can check out below!

  •  Roland have collaborated with Studio Electronics to create the SE-02, a boutique, analogue synth. Featuring three VCOs, a voltage-controlled 24dB low-pass filter, dual gain-stage amplifier, along with bunches of different waveforms which are promised to contain "warmth & complex character". It also comes loaded with 384 presets and 128 user locations so you can save your own patches!

  • M-Audio are releasing a fully-weighted 88-key MIDI keyboard! Finally we can have the real piano sound and feel from the comfort of our own studios. The Hammer 88 comes with 5-pin MIDI Out connectors so you can trigger your hardware synths and drum machines alike, you can add sustain, expression and soft pedals via USB as well as pitch bend, modulation for expressive performances. "Players are going to love the keyboards action, custom controls & included software. This is an amazingly complete package." says Project Marketing Manger for M-Audio, Sandira Blas. Due out next month!