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Music Industry Roundup : September 2017

TheoryBoard is a kickstarter initiative that presents itself as a "Music Theory MIDI Controller" and "the ultimate hack for production & composition." Created by a company called Irijule, TheoryBoard is just $10,000 short of reaching their goal. It uses colour correlation between the chords and melody sides of the controller giving you The interface features coloured buttons & you can enable a scale and then play a wide range of of chords within that scale as the melodies will always fit over the top of them! Check out the kickstarter video below!

The folks over at Propellerhead have announced Reason 10, scheduled for release late October, Reason 10 promises to have two brand-new synths, three sampled instruments and a few extras that were previously only available as Rack Extensions. After the release of version 9.5 earlier in the year Propellerhead are moving quick as they only released Reason 9.5 earlier in the year, however with these added extras are certainly worth the upgrade! Check out all the new features in the video below!

Walk into any studio in the world and you will see a Empirical Labs Distressor. Born out of the love of the 1176 and LA-2A, Empirical Labs founder, Dave Derr decided to develop his own digitally controlled, analog-knee compressor. A true modern day classic, the Distressor is an expensive unit to buy, especially when run in stereo so two years ago Slate Digital was given the chance to develop an in the box version. The FG-Stress is what came of that project. Check out a full run-through below!

IK MultiMedia's have brought there Synthtronik Synth ROMpler to the iPad! The sample based app features 17 synths that emulate 37 iconic and rare instruments including models from Moog, ARP, Roland, Yamaha, and Oberheim, all from the comfort of your iPad! Check it out below!

And finally, Roland have released two new live performance keyboards with the VR-730 & VR-09B. Containing a range of organ, piano and synth sounds. The VR-730 is a 73 key, semi-weighted keyboard while the VR-09B is slightly smaller at 61 keys. Versitile and rugged they are built for the touring musician in mind!