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New Music Monday – 5th June 2017


Arcade Fire - Everything Now

After recently signing a new two-album deal, Arcade Fire released their new single "Everything Now" which is due to be on the upcoming fifth album of the same name. The single was released at the Primavera music festival in Spain and vinyls of the track were being sold at merchandise stalls! Very inventive!


Foo Fighters - Run

Dave Grohl and co. are back! This time with their new single "Run" and from the opening notes you suspect a familiar Foo's track, then it breaks into chaos and gets much heavier with a galloping drum beat and heavy-distorted guitars, classic stadium-rock!


MoStack - High Street Kid

The London rapper has released his new mixtape "High Street Kid". MoStack keeps it real with this release rapping about his experience growing up in London, his catchy melodies and tasty flow make him one of the best to come out of the UK in recent times.


Lorde - Perfect Places

Great new track from Lorde, supposedly the final track off her upcoming new album. Lorde delivers a cheery pop tune with bright instrumentation combed with flowing synths throughout the chorus! Be sure to check it out!


Phoenix - Goodbye Soleil

Really nice chilled out disco vibes from this new track from Phoenix. Off the upcoming new album "Ti Amo" due for release 9th of June!

Check out all the new music in our Spotify playlist below!