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Logic Pro X

Electronic Music Production with Full Tilt


12 Modules


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Premium Course - 27th June 2022

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Electronic Music Production with Full Tilt is a comprehensive programme which covers everything you need to know to start producing electronic music using Logic Pro X. The course will help you elevate your tracks to a professional standard, taught by Timothy Gibson of the top EDM production duo Full Tilt. The aim of the 12 week programme is for you to create your own professional standard production, which is ready for commercial release. This course is a combination of the Production 101 and Production 201 courses.

In addition to covering all of the essentials required to start producing music, the course also features several hours of masterclass tutorials. In these masterclasses Full Tilt create a fully produced, mixed and mastered track right before your eyes. This gives you unrivalled access to Full Tilt production techniques, and allows you to see the in-depth production process from start to finish.

Exclusive downloadable content is included on the course, such as Sample Packs, Remix Files, and Synthesizer Patches.

Premium students have access to private one-to-one tuition from Timothy Gibson throughout the duration of the course. The multi award-winning producer provides comprehensive weekly feedback and guidance on production-based assignments. With over 10 years of Electronic Music Production experience, Timothy will help you transform your initial track ideas into finished productions, ready for commercial release.

Part 1 - Production 101 (Production Essentials)

Module 1 - Getting Started in Logic Pro X; Drums & Rhythm; Ultrabeat

Module 1 (Bonus Module) - Drum Machine Designer; Drummer; New in Logic Pro X 10.5

Module 2 - Introduction to Music Theory; Introduction to Synthesis (ES M)

Module 3 - Advanced Music Theory; Advanced Synthesis (ES 2)

Module 4 - Chord Progressions & Inversions; Lead Lines, Bass Lines & Pads; Sampling (EXS 24)

Module 5 - Auxiliary Channels & Effects (Delay & Reverb); Compression

Module 6 - Creating an Intro Section; Introduction to Mixing; Automation

Part 2 - Production 201 (Creating a Professional Track)

Module 7 - Working with Vocals (EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb & Vocal Tuning)

Module 8 - Drums & Bass

Module 9 - Hooks & Leads

Module 10 - Arrangement 1

Module 11 - Arrangement 2

Module 12 - Final Mix & Master

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Logic Pro X


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