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Music Theory

Exploring Contemporary Music Theory – Preliminary Grade


4 Modules


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Exploring Contemporary Music Theory is a nine-part series that acts as a complete guide to learn and understand Music Theory in a practical way. Aimed at Musicians, Sound Engineers and Producers of all genre, the course provides fundamental music theory knowledge, which ultimately comes down to two essential tasks:

  1. Being able to hear and recognise rhythms, pitches and harmony (and its affiliated concepts), and
  2. Being able to apply your knowledge on your instrument or voice

The Exploring Contemporary Music Theory series has been created and developed by Mathias Baumann. Mathias is a Music Theory and Guitar teacher with over 10 years of educational experience. Originally from Nassau, Germany, Mathias moved to Ireland in 2005. Since then he has been working in Dublin as a session musician, composer, producer and guitar teacher in various music schools.

Premium students have access to private one-to-one tuition from Mathias throughout the duration of the course. Mathias provides comprehensive weekly feedback and guidance on music theory-based assignments. With over 10 years of Music Industry experience, Mathias will help you to master Contemporary Music Theory.

Premium students also receive a free digital copy of the accompanying book : Exploring Contemporary Music Theory - Preliminary Grade.

Exploring Contemporary Music Theory - Preliminary Grade

Module 1 - Elements of Music; Rhythm; Ear Training

Module 2 - Pitch; Intervals; Scales; Melodies; Ear Training

Module 3 - Harmony; Arpeggios; Chords; Solfa; Ear Training

Module 4 - Form; Parts; Score; Keyboard Instruments

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Any basic notation software (eg MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius)


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