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Vocal Production

Optimising a Vocal Performance with Mark Struthers


8 Topics


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Optimising a Vocal Performance is taught by Mark Struthers of Energy Studios. The course details the full process from starting with Raw Vocal Recordings and creating a polished Vocal Performance that drives a song. The aim of this course is to help learners create professional standard vocals, that they can apply to their own productions. By the end of this course, learners will have covered how to take a raw Vocal Recording and turn it into a polished Vocal Performance ready for mixing in a track.

Optimising a Vocal Performance

Topics covered on the course :

Topic 1 - Optimising Raw Vocal Files

Topic 2 - Correcting Tuning Discrepancies

Topic 3 - Vocal Riding

Topic 4 - Compression

Topic 5 - De-Clicking and De-Popping Vocals

Topic 6 - Vocal Effects

Topic 7 - Backing & Harmony Vocal Optimisation

Topic 8 - Balancing Vocals within a Mix