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Pro Tools

Pro Tools Complete with Aidan Cunningham


12 Modules


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Premium Course - 31st January 2022

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Sound Training Online Certificate (Premium Course)

Pro Tools Complete with Aidan Cunningham is a combination of both the Pro Tools Essentials and Pro Tools Advanced courses.

Pro Tools Essentials takes a comprehensive look at the main functions of the hugely popular Pro Tools software. The course is tailored for those who are relatively new to Pro Tools, with its aim being to quickly familiarise students with the many features available within the software. By the end of Essentials, students will be able to set up and navigate Pro Tools sessions with ease, allowing them to Record, Edit, and Mix any type of track consisting of recorded audio or virtual MIDI instruments.

Pro Tools Advanced continues directly on from the Essentials course, and details the full Editing, Mixing, and Mastering of a song. The course is tailored for those who are looking to delve into the more Advanced functions within Pro Tools, and who want to bring their mixes up to a professional standard. By the end of Advanced, students will be able to fully Edit, Mix and perform basic Mastering on a full recording session. Advanced Editing functions such as Beat Detective, Elastic Audio and Arrangement Editing are all covered on the course, as well as detailed Mixing techniques throughout.

Premium students have access to private one-to-one tuition from Aidan throughout the duration of the course. Aidan provides comprehensive weekly feedback and guidance on Pro Tools assignments. As an Avid Certified Pro Tools Expert, Aidan will ensure that your mixes will be up to a professional standard by the end of the course. Exclusive downloadable content is also included on the Premium course, such Pro Tools Practical Session files and Sample Packs.


Module 1 - Getting Started in Pro Tools; Mix, Edit & Transport Windows; Edit Tools

Module 2 - Working with Tracks; Shortcut Commands; Saving Sessions

Module 3 - Detailed Editing; Importing Audio; Recording Audio; Basic Mixing

Module 4 - Working with MIDI; Pro Tools Instruments

Module 5 - Equalization; Dynamic Processing

Module 6 - Time-based Effects (Delay, Reverb etc.); Mixing


Module 1 - Session Editing; Beat Detective & Elastic Audio

Module 2 - Drum Reinforcement & Replacement; Arrangement Editing

Module 3 - Advanced Mixing Techniques - Drums

Module 4 - Advanced Mixing Techniques - Guitars & Bass

Module 5 - Advanced Mixing Techniques - Vocals

Module 6 - The Final Mix; Introduction to Mastering

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD

Note: It is possible to complete Pro Tools Essentials (the first 6 modules of this course) using Pro Tools First, which is a completely free (but limited) version of Pro Tools. Register for Pro Tools First here.


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