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Ableton Live

The Simpler Device Masterclass


8 Topics


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The aim of this masterclass is to familiarise learners with all of the functions available on the Simpler device within Ableton Live. By the end of the masterclass, learners will have an in-depth knowledge of the Simpler device, allowing them to use it in many creative applications.

The Simpler Device Masterclass with Martin Clancy

Topic 1 - Introduction to Simpler

Topic 2 - Pitching Samples

Topic 3 - Basic Parameters

Topic 4 - The Volume Envelope

Topic 5 - The Pitch Envelope

Topic 6 - The Filter Envelope

Topic 7 - The LFO Section

Topic 8 - Global Parameters

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Ableton Live 9 Trial, Ableton Live 9 Standard or Ableton Live 9 Suite.