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Vocal Tuning in Melodyne


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Vocal Tuning in Melodyne with Aidan Cunningham is a perfect introduction to the world of Pitch Correction. The aim of this course is to give learners a full overview of the Melodyne software, as well demonstrate the various processes involved with Tuning a Vocal Performance. By the end of the course, learners will understand the concepts of Pitch Correction and understand how they can apply Tuning techniques within their own projects.

Vocal Tuning in Melodyne

Topics covered on the course :

Topic 1 - Introduction to Pitch Correction

Topic 2 - Introduction to Melodyne

Topic 3 - Pitch and Blobs

Topic 4 - Macro Pitch Adjustment

Topic 5 - Manual Tuning

Topic 6 - Pitch Modulation

Topic 7 - Pitch Drift & Vibrato

Topic 8 - Formants

Topic 9 - Time Adjustments

Topic 10 - Melodyne Algorithms

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Celemony Melodyne. 30 Day Free Trial available here!