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Sound Training Online FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about our online courses.

How do Sound Training Online courses work?

Sound Training Online courses are delivered through numerous lessons that consist of video, text, and audio tutorials. Each lesson builds towards the completion of an assignment, which helps students practically apply the knowledge gained throughout the lesson. Our intuitive learning platform enables students to progress through these lessons in a structured learning path, in order to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

What is the difference between a Subscription and a Premium course?

A Sound Training Online Subscription provides you with instant access to all Sound Training Online course material for you to complete entirely at your own pace. A subscription provides ultimate flexibility for those who lead a hectic lifestyle but do not want to compromise on their learning outcomes.

Premium courses are the online equivalent of a traditional classroom learning environment. Lessons become available on a Monday morning, with a production-based assignment due to be uploaded to the learning platform by the following Sunday night. Each week you receive personalised feedback on your musical work, and are provided with any Tutor guidance that you require. You are part of a small class who can interact both with the Tutor, and with one another, through Live Text Chat, Private Messaging, and Forum-based discussions.


I have irregular working hours, is it possible for me to do a Sound Training Online course?

Yes, any Sound Training Online course would be perfect for you! Sound Training Online courses allow you to learn around a hectic lifestyle. You can access course material at a time and place that suits you, and learn at your own pace. You can even access course material on the go by using your mobile or tablet device.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Payment Plans are available for Premium courses. Please get in Contact for more details.

Can I get a job after completing a Sound Training Online course?

There are many employment opportunities within the music industry. Sound Training Online provides you with the best possible opportunity for building your own successful career.

How many students are in a Premium class?

The maximum Premium class size is 15 students to ensure that the course Tutor can dedicate the appropriate amount of time and focus to each individual student.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing us at and stating that you wish to unsubscribe.