Growing Home

In Aid of Peter McVerry Trust

Growing Home is a charity album that was recorded and released in 2015 by the students of Sound Training College in aid of Peter McVerry Trust. Peter McVerry Trust is a charity involved in reducing homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. The album was done in association with Knockanstockan festival, and features tracks from The Hot Sprockets, Mongoose, Leo Drezden and many more.

Growing Home Charity Album

The Album

Growing Home is a charity album featuring 13 tracks, all related to a sense of home and community. In the spirit of this, the album features some great collaborations between artists like TĂșcan and Sarah Red, and The Hot Sprockets and Fox Jaw. There are some excellent tracks featured, most of which are covers, but there are a few great originals thrown in for good measure.

The second year Sound Training College students were involved in every aspect of the production of the charity album, from the very start organising bands and a charity, right through the recording and mixing process to the PR and launch and everything in between. Every year the students have the chance to get involved in a fantastic project like this and record a charity album. It's a great chance to really take ownership of a project and understand how the industry works, and is many student's favourite part of the course.

The album can be purchased here.