Daily Rates

In addition to our various packages, we also offer very competitive daily and half-daily rates. Please get in touch to discuss rates.

Sun Studios

Sun is a world-renowned recording studio, located in the heart of Temple Bar. It boasts a fantastic sounding live room, along with 4 smaller isolated booths. When you record in Sun, you record in comfort. Enjoy our chill out room, complete with kitchen, pool table and dart board.

Please call for rates.

Studio One

Studio One has the best of both worlds when it comes to analogue and digital recording. Ireland's first Avid S6 is at the heart of the studio, a fully digital console. Our large live room can handle anything, from a single acoustic guitar to a 20-piece choir.

Please call for rates.

Studio Two

Studio Two is our smaller studio, but don't let that fool you! It has a medium sized dead booth, provided by the lovely people at Demvox Isolation. Using our second isolation booth at the back of the room means you can still record a full band live.

Please call for rates.