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STC Student Showcase – Modem Button Factory Takeover

Many will tell you that the ability to read a crowd and keep people on the dance-floor will, more than likely be one of the top skills of any DJ or producer. With many of the DJ's there are in the world at the moment, there has been massive scrutiny around some performers just pressing play and letting the software do the work, or playing to a supposed backing track. But with the invention and development of equipment such as Push from Ableton or Maschine from Native Instruments, it has only added to the creative and energetic side of a live performance. Live programming, creating parts on the fly and live performance as a whole has grown massively over the last 10 years as it provides crowds with reassurance that the performers are actually performing as opposed to hitting play and picking up a pay cheque.

Here, at Sound Training College we firmly believe that live performance should be exactly that, live. Recently, we had our Diploma course students perform a showcase gig of their own 100% fully live electronic music in The Button Factory venue in Dublin. Both our Studio Engineering and Music Production class and our Live Sound, Lighting and Stage Production classes joined forces to create an incredible audio-visual experience which had the venue rocking! Both Diploma courses had worked together for months to make it happen and as you can see from the video below which was shot on the night, that everything flowed together seamlessly and was a hugely successful night all around! So much so, that the Modem Collective have secured a residency in Crowbar in Dublin!

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Studio Engineering and Music Production

Live Sound, Lighting and Stage Production