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Student Experience Update – April 2016


Degree Students


Our first year degree students are busy wrapping up their studio and production work before immersing themselves in the world of sound for TV and film for 2 intensive weeks in IADT at the National Film School. They are working on a number of diverse projects at the moment, from learning to sound-check a band in the Button Factory to producing a piece of music for a short film. It is also the time of year when they start to work professionally with their first commercial clients in our  Sound Training Productions studios. As part of group work, they have been researching topics varying from 'Mastering Audio' to 'Using Sound as Torture'!

Our second years are continuing their studio and production work, as well as taking some more specialised studies in areas such as designing their own audio plugins and hardware. They are running a series of gigs next week before returning for some exam preparation. A number of students are taking opportunities for focused work experience in their chosen areas, from city centre venues to week-long film shoots in Kerry!

Diploma Students

The first year diploma are currently prepping for their studio exams, as well as working on a number of interesting projects, from abstract sound design to remix compositions. Once the exams are completed, the students will begin working professionally with their first commercial clients in our Sound Training Productions studios and building their portfolios.

The first year part-time diploma are prepping for their studio proficiency exams, and standing at the cusp of beginning work with their first commercial clients in our studios.


Just before our mid-term break, the 2nd year diploma and part-time students ran a successful showcase night with this year's Searchlight Development Deal bands playing to a packed Button Factory. The students then began working on our annual charity release, recording songs in Sun Studios for an E.P. in aid of "My Lovely Horse Rescue". This has been Mastered by our resident Mastering Master Fergal Davis, and the students are now working on promoting the charity gig in April.

The 2nd years (full-time and part-time) are also working towards putting on an electronic music performance showcase, where they will showcase their own electronic based compositions and live performance skills in the Button Factory, towards the end of May.

Our Live Sound Diploma student are working in conjunction with the full time and part time diploma year 2, running the front of house, and the monitors for the main stage at each of the events, Searchlight, the Charity gig, and the EMP showcase. The Live Sound Diploma are also putting together a Searchlight reunion in the coming weeks, bringing back some of the bands from previous years Searchlight projects to perform at the Button Factory, and beginning to prep for their venue proficiency exams.

General Updates


In other news, our weekly Friday guest lectures have been a resounding success with some really interesting masterclasses on a wide variety of topics including drum setup, guitar tech, amps, pedals, synths and much more, all delivered by industry professionals who were kind enough to share their expertise with the students. This extra practical knowledge is invaluable for the students and they have really enjoyed the guest lectures.

We've really settled into our new home on (the very aptly named) Rory Gallagher Corner at the entrance to Meeting House Square. It's great to be able to enjoy the much needed added space and to have the luxury of a large lecture hall and numerous spacious labs.

It has also allowed us to welcome a new member of the Sound Training family in Sound Training Music Academy. The Music Academy offers private and group lessons in a variety of instruments for all ages. It fits in perfectly to our ever expanding hub of musical education, and we're delighted to have had a very successful first term with our second term starting next week. There are still some spaces available for those who are interested and there's currently 10% off all classes.