Music Industry Roundup : September 2017

TheoryBoard is a kickstarter initiative that presents itself as a “Music Theory MIDI Controller” and “the ultimate hack for production & composition.” Created by a company calledĀ Irijule, TheoryBoard is just $10,000 short of reaching their goal. It uses colour correlation between the chords and melody sides of the controller giving you The interface features coloured buttons & you can enable a scale and then play a wide range of of chords within that scale as the melodies will always fit over the top of them! Check out the kickstarter video below! The folks over at Propellerhead have announced Reason 10,

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Music Industry Round-Up : August 2017

Music Industry Round-Up : August 2017 IK Multimedia have released a brilliant all-in-one audio interface & MIDI controller. The iRig Keys I/O comes in 25 or 49 key variations and provides everything you need to get up & running, including balanced stereo and headphone outputs, combo input jack for line, instrument and mic input with 48v phantom power, gain control for the combo port and sustain pedal port too. It can also work off USB or 4 AA batteries for all the the people out there who are on the move! LANDR is the new software that makes it easier

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Music Industry Round-Up : April 2017

Sound Training – Industry Round-Up April 2017 Musical things are finally looking up for those of you who have purchased Apple’s new Macbook Pro. With the creation of a new app, the touch bar at the top of the keyboard can now be transformed into a MIDI controller! By downloading an app called MIDI Touchbar, you can use the touch bar as a MIDI controller in your favourite DAW and it also customisable! Get it here! Novation have announced two new products set for release in May and June, Peak synth and Circuit Mono Station Groovebox. Peak is an eight-voice

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