Music Industry Roundup : October 2017

Eventide announced the release of their Eurorack module with the DDL (digital delay line). Designed for performance, the EuroDDL features external control of every feature and function. It also has been designed to sound less digital than the average delay. Eventide’s old school design strictly limits the amount of digital circuitry to only what’s required for delay. Soft saturation clipping, low pass filter, feedback, insert loop, and +20 dB boost are all analog. Available from January, the DDL will cost $399. For more info head over to Eventide’s website! Pioneer have released a DJ-friendly sampler with the DJS-1000 performance sampler! Promising

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Music Industry Round-Up : August 2017

Music Industry Round-Up : August 2017 IK Multimedia have released a brilliant all-in-one audio interface & MIDI controller. The iRig Keys I/O comes in 25 or 49 key variations and provides everything you need to get up & running, including balanced stereo and headphone outputs, combo input jack for line, instrument and mic input with 48v phantom power, gain control for the combo port and sustain pedal port too. It can also work off USB or 4 AA batteries for all the the people out there who are on the move! LANDR is the new software that makes it easier

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