Audio Production & Music Project Management


3 Academic Years


EU Fees : €5,995 per annum

International students please see details here.


September 2024



Level 8 BA (Hons) (awarding institution - DBS)


Our Audio Production and Music Project Management course offers students the unique opportunity to develop their skills in the field through industry-based, professional projects. While working on these real-world projects, students engage in both advanced audio production and music project management, greatly broadening employability. These projects are an integral part of Sound Training Productions: a recording and production company (led by graduates and students) which offers unrivalled, unique opportunities and links with key contacts in the music industry.

This focus on ‘real world’ projects and professional development is key to success, paving the way for graduates to lead the music industry both nationally and internationally. You can view some previous work at the Sound Training Productions website.

This course is ran in collaboration with Dublin Business School.


Aims and Objectives

  • Develop learners’ technical knowledge of audio production principles and practice, along with the creative, innovative and business skills required in the audio industries.
  • Cultivate learners’ advanced technical and creative abilities for audio recording and production.
  • Equip learners with an understanding of the application of existing and emerging technologies and creative practices within the music industry in order to design and deliver creative products and services.
  • Develop learners’ interpersonal and soft skills, to enable effective communication with colleagues across technical, creative and business backgrounds.
  • Develop learners’ understanding and application of business concepts, project management and marketing in audio production.
  • Develop responsible skills for project planning and management together with some responsibility for leading and developing others.
  • Facilitate the development of applied skills by the learner that are directly complimentary and relevant to both the workplace and in a production setting.
  • Identify and develop autonomous learning skills for the learner.
  • Provide learners with the academic skills to engage in experimentation, critical analysis and self-learning.


Entry Criteria:

Please apply for entry through the DBS website.


Applicants with suitable experience may be eligible for direct entry into advanced years of the course. Contact us for more details.

Applications for this course are processed through the CAO system. The CAO code for the course is DB510. For more information contact admissions at DBS or come to one of our Open Days.


This is a Private Course.

Please view the Fees tab on the DBS website.

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