Post Graduate

IADT Masters Degree by Research


2 Academic Years


€5,000 per annum (however, scholarships may be available, see below)


Academic Year 24/25



M.A.(Master of Arts) awarded by IADT


This Masters course is delivered by IADT. STC are proud to offer our subject expertise as potential co-supervisors to students on this programme. Students have access to facilities in both STC and IADT and will be assigned a supervisor from each institution.

The majority of credits on the programme will be awarded for a large scale research project. Students meet regularly with supervisors to discuss progress and research methods. Relevant research skills/generic modules may also be available to students.

More details are available here.

Significant exciting research is ongoing in the field of Music/Music Technology. STC are dedicated to advancing the field, particularly in the context of the creative use of technology, and as such, welcome proposals from potential students in the area. We have specific expertise in topics such as:

  • Advanced Production Techniques
  • Composition (Music and Mixed Media)
  • Surround Sound and Spatial Audio
  • Sound Design
  • Music industry Studies

but we welcome proposals more broadly.

Entry Criteria:

Applicants must typically have obtained a standard of at least Second Class Honours in an approved primary degree or equivalent (a system for the Recognition of Prior Learning exists; for example a significant period of industry experience in the area may be appropriate should a candidate not have attained a primary degree).

As this is an IADT course, please contact IADT for more information.


STC are committed to research in the broad field of Music/Music Technology; we will enable students to apply for fees remission/stipends and scholarships where appropriate.

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