Part Time Courses

Sound Engineering and Music Production – Part Time


16 Weeks - 2 classes per week.


Total Fee = €2,000

Payment schedule is as follows:

€500 Deposit - Paid prior to the start date.

€1,000 Instalment - November 1st, 2024.

€500 final instalment - February 1st, 2025


October 2024.



Sound Training College Diploma

Course Outline

Interested in a part-time course that offers full access to recording studios and Electronic Music production equipment?

Our course in Sound Engineering & Music Production develops real-world technical skills and production techniques used by Stdio Engineers & Music Producers, when working with clients.

The course also offers aspiring Electronic Music Producers the opportunity to develop their composition, arrangement, recording and production techniques.

Our hands on approach to deliver, in professional facilities, is suitable for all skill-sets and levels of experience.

A creative, collaborative, approach to teaching, allows students to become part of Sound Training Productions, a recording / production company led by graduates and students.

Module Content:

DAW Mixing
"Everything in the box"

  • Introduction to key concepts of audio recording & production software.
  • Theoretical concepts of listening to sound as a Sound Engineer/Music Producer.
  • Recording, editing and mixing techniques within audio recording software (Digital Audio Workstation).
  • Development of software-based skill-sets and workflows.
  • DAW set-up for recording & mix down of completed recordings.
  • Ear training to help recognise issues for the betterment of mixing your projects.

Studio Recording
"Out of the bedroom & into better sounding recordings"

  • Key studio techniques & development of recording skills in a professional recording studio.
  • Introduction to large format consoles, microphones and signal flow.
  • Development of technical skills to improve recordings - "A great headphone mix helps get you closer to the sound you want".
  • Work creatively in studio with and record professional musicians.

Electronic Music Production
"Get songs from your head & into everyone else's"

  • Get familiar with with key production and compositional practices of Electronic Music.
  • Deconstruct your favourite tracks to learn the producer's secrets.
  • Learn to progress your loops into full productions.
  • Delve into the equipment (Hardware & Software) for creating music - Synths, Sampling, Programming & Midi.
  • Preparing tracks for live performance and showcase these skills at an end of year event.

Visit our facilities web page to find out more about the hardware and studio equipment we use.

Software used on the course includes Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton, see our facilities for hardware and studio equipment.

Entry Criteria:

No academic qualifications required.

If you require further information, please contact


Private course - No public finance available.