Tell us about your current job/career path.

My name is Heather Casserly, I completed the three year Creative Music Production degree at STC in 2020 and I'm now studying a Graduate Law degree at the University of Edinburgh. I'm hoping to complete my Diploma in Professional Legal Practice next year, and then complete a training contract with a firm to qualify as a solicitor in Scotland.


Did you enjoy your time in CMP?

I absolutely loved my time in CMP. I have made some incredible friends during my time in the course, we recently met up again for a large group holiday. All the lecturers and tutors were so dedicated to helping students tackle their subjects, and the small class sizes mean that there is always help available for those struggling. 

The content of the course was so wide in scope that I really got a feel for every different aspect of music production, even those which I had never considered working in before. Everything was taught in a hands-on way, which was fantastic for learning my way around a studio, or for building electronics from scratch. 


How did it help you with your career?

My time in CMP helped with my career in so many ways. The first points I always mention when I am asked about my previous experience are the teamwork and client handling skills that I learned during the course. I believe that the group projects I took part in where I ran the studio with my classmates were absolutely invaluable to me when it came to developing skills in communication and organisation. Because the modules taught were so varied, I also developed new ways of looking at problems and learned how to think outside the box. Modules such as Audio Programming required me to think in a way that I had never had to before, and I believe this perspective has been a huge help to me. The life experience I gained and connections I made have definitely shaped me into a better person, and I am always glad that I took part in the course.


March/April 2023