Tell us about your current job/career path. 

I currently work in the electronics and industrial components industry as an Innovation Specialist. I help our customers ideate and design solutions to their problems. This involves a lot of collaboration across many disciplines and requires me to conduct research and design prototypes. I am currently studying and working, undertaking an MEng in packaging, innovation and product design. I plan to further my career development and take my creative side into the engineering world.


Did you enjoy your time in CMP?

I loved my time at CMP. It shaped me into who I am today. The culture at STC was intoxicating. Lecturers and students freely collaborated together on creative and academic works. I was very fortunate to have participated in it, and I received some fantastic mentorship during my final year thesis. 


How did it help you with your career?

CMP is a multidisciplinary course. I started out in CMP passionate about music production but quickly found out I loved the technology around music. I developed skills in programming and electronics, and my lecturers were more than happy to support me. I took these skills a step further after graduation. However, I laid the foundations for the skills I needed for my career in STC. 

Today I work in a multidisciplinary industry with various advanced technologies like ultrasonic acoustic imaging and 3D printing, and I found that the skills I learned from my psychoacoustic and game development lectures gave me a competitive edge in my career.


March/April 2023