Tell us about your current job/career path.

My current job is as a software developer with a company called Kalide based in Los Angeles. We make a variety of VST plugins and mobile/desktop apps centred around music production and performance. My responsibilities are mostly on the front-end, using the Unity game engine to make inventive user interfaces. I also work on effects, synthesizers and samplers in our audio backend systems.


I am also working as a tutor in Sound Training College alongside the Creative Music Production lecturing staff. I teach audio programming to 2nd and 3rd year degree students, where they need to compose music using code and create their own virtual instruments. The modules are all assignment based, so we spend a lot of time doing practical work and formative feedback.


Did you enjoy your time in CMP?

I loved my time in Creative Music Production. I found so many new passions and interests due to the variety on the programme, and have a lot of practical work I'm very proud to stand over now. It was a highly social experience too due to the small class groups, focus on group work in practical tasks, and spending a lot of time in the city centre so I made a lot of great friends. The projects and modules also offer a lot of choice and self direction which was well supported by the lecturers so I was able to further my knowledge of topics that I found interesting. Also because of the smaller class groups and practical nature of the modules, you develop good rapport with the lecturers, so it's a very friendly environment.


How did it help you with your career?

The programme helped with my career in a variety of ways. It was through some of the modules that I found an interest in computer programming, which of course led to my job as a software developer. Being offered the teaching work by Sound Training College after graduating also started my teaching career. The programme focuses heavily on group work and presentations which are important in any discipline, as well as assignments that closely mimic real world scenarios including client briefs, recording sessions, and producing podcasts/interviews with working professionals. The college also uses technology and software that is industry standard and used heavily in the music industry - all of these things definitely prepare you for real projects in the music or technology industries.


March / April 2023