Adam McDonnell is a guitarist from Dublin. In 2017, he graduated from the BIMM Institute with an honours BA in Commercial Modern Music. Having played and taught the guitar from a young age, Adam is well versed in a wide variety of styles, techniques, and teaching methods. He has performed and recorded with a multiple bands, and is currently playing with Dublin based band Dawn Chorus.

Adam McDonnell

Guitar Teacher, STMA

Tom is our drum teacher, he is a recent graduate of the BIMM Institute with a honours BA in Commercial Modern Music, has been playing and teaching drums since his early teen years. Tom has been working as a professional touring drummer for the last 3 years with various Dublin based ensembles including the Fontaines, The Hit Machine Drummers and Be Curious Kid, as well as running his own record label, Trigger Party Records.

Tom Coll

Drum Teacher , STMA

Luke Cullen Website Pic

A freelance musician and teacher of violin, viola and piano. Luke has performed at Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Metropolis and many more festivals and events both nationally and internationally. Having received tutelage from some of the very best teachers in Europe, whilst studying both in Italy and Ireland, he has developed both his craft and his passion for teaching. He has previously tutored at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and taught at a wide range of music schools throughout the Leinster region.

Luke Cullen

Violin & Piano Teacher, STMA


Katie Richardson McCrea, Mezzo-soprano, is an undergraduate student at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Lynda Lee and Dearbhla Collins.. Katie has experience as soloist in pop and alternative music, and has sang as a soloist at Metropolis, Forbidden Fruit, Electric Picnic, All together now, and most recently Another love story with upcoming ensemble Glasshouse.

Katie Richardson McCrea

Vocal Coach, STMA