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Digital DJ'ing

Digital DJ’ing in Traktor Pro 2 with Doug Cooney


6 Topics


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The aim of this course is to quickly familiarise learners with all of the essential functions within Native Instruments Traktor, as well as DJ'ing fundamentals. By the end of the course, learners will be able to navigate and use all of the main functions within Traktor, create various Cue and Loop Markers, understand counting Bars and Beats and identify the musical phrasing within tracks, and finally create a balanced, coherent mix between two tracks.

Digital DJ'ing in Traktor Pro 2

Topics covered on the course :

Topic 1 - Introduction to Digital DJ'ing, Traktor Preference Settings

Topic 2 - Deck Overview & Grid Markers

Topic 3 - Cue Points, Load Markers, Loop Markers

Topic 4 - Counting Bars and Beats, Understanding Musical Phrasing

Topic 5 - Mixer Controls & EQ-ing

Topic 6 - Creating a Balanced & Coherent Mix

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Traktor Pro 2 or Traktor Pro 2 Free Demo (Available here)