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Synthesis & Sound Design

Production with Novation V-Station


4 Modules




The Production with Novation V-Station course is delivered by the renowned Producer and DJ, Timothy Gibson. The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the V-Station synthesizer, and how to use it within various types of productions. By the end of the course, learners will have an in-depth knowledge of the V-Station instrument, as they use it extensively to create two different styles of track (House and Tech). Learners will also have an in-depth knowledge of the Focusrite Midnight EQ and Compressor, as they are used to mix the different productions throughout the course.

Timothy Gibson is a multi award-winning Producer / DJ with over 10 years of Electronic Music Production experience. He rose to fame as one half of the EDM Production duo Full Tilt, as well as producing under his own moniker Orion Scott.

Production with Novation V-Station

Topics covered on the course :

Module 1 - V-Station Overview; The Oscillator Section; The LFO Section; The Filter Section; Programming a Bassline

Module 2 - Programming a Pluck Sound; Track Development; Creating a layered Kick Drum; Introducing Percussion; Cutting Samples from Loops; Percussion Effects

Module 3 - Focusrite Midnight Compressor; Focusrite Midnight EQ; Kick, Percussion, Pluck, Bass and Mix Compression & EQ; Creating an Arpeggiated Lead

Module 4 - Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis Overview; FM Sound Development; FM Bass Development; Adding Percussion; Creating a Snare; Creating Hi-Hats; Creating an Arrangement Quickly

Entry Criteria:

Required Software : Novation V-Station, Focusrite Midnight EQ and Compressor (all available for free through Sound Training Online!)