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The Melody of a song is what sets it apart from all others. Melodies often contain the Hook of the song, which is essentially a memorable musical phrase designed to peak the listeners interest. Where certain Chord Progressions have been used in countless songs throughout the years, the various Melodies in these songs is what makes them unique and stand apart from one another.

In the following video, professional Songwriter and Sound Training Online tutor Richey McCourt, takes a look at the extremely popular song "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae Jepsen. We will see how a relatively ordinary sounding Chord Progression that has been used thousands of times before, can be transformed into an extremely catchy song through the clever use of Melody.

As we can see from the above video, clever use of Melody has the potential to elevate a relatively standard sounding Chord Progression into an extremely memorable and catchy song.

The above video was taken from the 4 module Songwriting with Richey McCourt course for Sound Training Online. For more information regarding this course, please click here.

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