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Music Industry Round-Up : March 2017

Sound Training Industry Round-Up March 2017 So as March draws to a close let’s have a look at some of the main talking points that happened throughout the month, there was some interesting developments with the hardware side of things as a very popular drum machine manufacturer said they would not be updating there flagship product, whereas on the other hand a reliable well-known cheaper alternative brand were discussing the release of their first hardware synth based on the MiniMoog! Dave Smith Instruments have decided to end their development of it’s Tempest Drum Machine after 6 years on the market.

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Dublin Gig Guide : 27th March – 2nd April

Dublin Gig Guide : 27th March – 2nd April   We are back here at Sound Training to bring you all the hottest gigs from around the capital! Another great week this week of eclectic gigs to suit all tastes! After a jam packed week last week with shows from All Time Low, Jack Savoretti, some of the Dave Matthews Band and more this week will be no different so lets get into it! Kicking us off on Monday night we have Car Seat Headrest, an American Indie Rock group who are making waves with their laid-back style of alternative

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Recording Guitar Amps : A Basic Guide

The faithful guitar, whether it is an electric or an acoustic, the guitar makes an appearance on almost every song ever recorded. Even for electronic productions, many of the melodies, hooks and riffs will be fleshed out first on the guitar then transferred over. Along with the developments in recording equipment, recording guitar has become as easy as turning on a light switch. All you need is a guitar, an audio interface and a computer. The easiest way to get a simple guitar part recorded would be to go straight from the guitar into the interface, which then goes to

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Dublin Gig Guide : 20th – 26th March

Dublin Gig Guide 20th – 26th March 2017 Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all from everyone here at Sound Training! Get your green on and make the most of it whether you are heading into the parade in town or just taking it easy with a few friends, be sure to stay safe and enjoy it most of it! This week we will continue to bring you the what’s what around the city with out weekly Dublin Gig Guide! Unwind this week after the Paddy’s Day madness with our help. Starting off the week we have American pop-punkers All-Time-Low

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Dublin Gig Guide : 13th – 19th March

Dublin Gig Guide 13th – 19th March Paddy’s Day as we all know is the 17th March which is Friday week, as always there will be an abundance of live music and events throughout the city around the 16th and continuing for that weekend, but we are here to provide you with all the headline acts from around the city for the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day so lets get into it! Starting us off this week is The Gloaming and as mentioned last week they will be playing to another sold-out crowd on Monday the 13th of

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Top 5 Freeware Synth Plugins

Everybody loves free stuff, there’s no questioning that and with the amount of money that we spend on our music equipment it’s nice to be able to indulge ourselves with something free. This article is going to go through a quick run-through of some of the best known and highest quality free software synths there is on the market today. This is just a few of the 100’s of free synths there is so be sure to check out some of the others if none of these tickle your fancy, that being said, we are sure that you can find

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Dublin Gig Guide : 6th- 12th March

Dublin Gig Guide – 6th – 12th March 2017 We’re back with our weekly Dublin Gig Guide providing you with all the information you’ll need to plan this weeks gigs around Dublin City! So let’s get started, kicking off the week on Monday evening we have a double header of Irish performances, of very different nature albeit. In the National Concert Hall we have contemporary Irish supergroup The Gloaming are performing the first of a seven gig stint, all of which are sold out! Formed in 2011 the supergroup has expanded the roots of traditional Irish music and developed it

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Music Tech Industry Round-Up February 2017

Sound Training Industry Roundup – February 2017 A new blog post for you! We will be starting a new entry every month here at Sound Training where we will be summarising events of that previous month with a short round-up of whats gone on. From new synths, to software updates and new equipment, software and plugins! Your one stop shop to keep with with all things music tech! Spitfire Audio have recent released a brand new string library! Many of you will be familiar with Spitfire Audio’s previous stuff, Albino, Hans Zimmer Piano, Dustbundle etc. This new release is in collaboration

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Dublin Gig Guide 27th February – 5th March

    Dublin Gig Guide 27th February – 5th March 2017 It’s the Dublin Gig Guide back once again on this fine Friday afternoon! We’re here to give you all the info you need for this weeks upcoming gigs to help ease you into the weekend! Good variety of gigs around the city this week. Starting off the week with their second successive sold out show at the Olympia is Elbow, playing another sold out show on Monday night, if you didn’t catch a ticket you can still catch them in Cork during the week as tickets are still available

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Dublin Gig Guide 20th – 26th February

Dublin Gig Guide 20th – 26th February It’s Friday and that can mean only one thing…It’s the Dublin Gig Guide brought to you by Sound Training! As the year progresses on more and more headline gigs are being announced every week, Arcade Fire announced a massive show in Malahide Castle later on this year and it is sure to be a great show as they haven’t performed in Ireland since 2014! Also announced is a string of mouth-watering gigs this summer all set to take place over the span of 5 days. Acts announced include Pixies, Fangclub, Bell X1, Alt-J

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Plugin Presets

So you’ve just bought a brand new shiny plugin and you can’t wait to start using it in your tracks, so where is the best place to start? Loading up a preset and seeing what the plugin can do of course! This is all well and good but from experience I know that people can get very comfortable with using presets, I know this because I myself am guilty of it! Many will find it the simplest solution to getting a sound that they desire instead of doing what we all really should be doing as creative artists and dissecting

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Festival Management

Festival Management Graduate Wins Prestigious Award

Irish Festival Awards: Best New Festival We’re always delighted to hear of our graduates achieving success in the industry, as so many do. So we were particularly happy to hear that one of the graduates from our Festival Management & Sound Production course had won the prestigious “Best New Festival” award at the Irish Festival Awards for 2016, announced just recently. The festival in question, Lúnasa was in good company, with the likes of Electric Picnic, Longitude & Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival all picking up awards too. Lúnasa is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of harvest season, taking place

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Dublin Gig Guide : 13th – 16th February

Dublin Gig Guide 13th – 16th February 2017 Hello and welcome back to our weekly Dublin Gig Guide brought to you by Sound Training! All the weeks best gigs from all around the city! First off kicking us off on Valentines Day is Australian singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Carla dal Forno playing in the intimate setting of the Grand Social. Her album debut album “You Know What It’s Like” has been described as “ Smokey and ominous” as well as inhibiting the gloom into her tracks”. Minimal in nature, it should make sure an interesting gig! Next up on Wednesday evening,

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A Guide To Buying A Computer For Music Production

At the heart and soul of every recording studio is of course the computer. Some people may argue that we rely too much on computers these days but the way technology has developed and is constantly developing it is hard to shy away from the need to keep on top of computer changes and upgrades, it is in the best interest for you as a music producer. The brainchild of everything in the studio, your computer is one if not, the most important pieces of equipment you will purchase for recording. With that in mind we have decided to try

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Dublin Gig Guide : 6th February – 12th February

Dublin Gig Guide 6th February – 12th February It’s that time of the week once more! We here at Sound Training are back with our weekly Gig Guide for all the info you need for all the best shows around the city for the up and coming week! First up on Monday evening at the Olympia Theatre, we have Icelandic folk-rockers Kaleo playing at 8PM, Kaleo have gathered a massive fan base over the last 2 or 3 years proving that there is more great Icelandic music out there other than Sigúr Rós! Again showing that they ain’t going anywhere

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Dublin Gig Guide : 29th January – 5th February

Dublin Gig Guide 29th January – 5th February  We’re back with this weeks Dublin Gig Guide! Everything you need to plan the weeks gigs! Kicking off this week we have a fantastic show in Vicar Street with Fun Lovin’ Criminals! The Scooby snackers will be playing all the hits and it’s not one to miss! Doors at 7PM, tickets are still available at €35! Next up on Thursday night we have Exmagician from Belfast. Things are looking good for the Belfast rockers, with a number of shows booked in Ireland and the UK throughout February Exmagician are ones to keep an

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Stereo Recording Techniques

Stereo microphone recording techniques are commonly used in the recording process and can offer great flexibility and advantages to recording specific elements. Imagine you have landed a session in a church recording a 15-piece choir for example, you are hardly going to set up 15 individual microphones and lug along a desk or interface with enough channels for the session, it’s unrealistic, unnecessary and a huge amount of work. Employing one of the many different stereo recording techniques can be much simpler, faster and you can achieve high quality recordings with minimum mics. Below we are going to go through some

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Dublin Gig Guide : 23rd January – 29th January 2017

Dublin Gig Guide : 23rd January – 29th January 2017 I’m not sure about you, but I have got that Friday Feeling! That means it’s time again for our weekly Dublin Gig Guide! We’re here to give you all the information you’ll need to plan the weeks gigs accordingly! So let’s get started! Kicking off the week on Monday evening, we have four-time Grammy award winner Olivia Newton-John performing with special guests in the National Concert Hall, doors for this one are at 8PM so make sure to get down early! Tuesday night the Sugar Club hosts a very special

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Dublin Gig Guide : 16th – 22nd January 2017

Dublin Gig Guide 16th – 22nd January  We’re back with our weekly instalment of the Dublin Gig Guide brought to you by Sound Training Online! Fairly busy week for gigs around the city, and we have all the info you’ll need to plan the week accordingly! First off we have Kentucky rockers Cage The Elephant performing in The Academy on Monday night, followed by singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright playing Vicar Street the following night. Two different styles of music but both should draw big crowds and both gigs will be great! Wednesday night is one for fans of the heavier style

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Dublin Gig Guide 7th – 15th January 2017

Dublin Gig Guide 7th January -15th January First off let me wish everyone a happy new year! Hopefully 2017 will be one to remember as 2016 was one to forget music wise 🙁 Anyway not to dwell on the past lets crack on, as the case can be with this time of the year there is a number of gigs on over the next week but the quality is not what is to be desired, but there are some good things happening so let’s get into it! Kicking off the weekend we have a big double header for the metal

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Guitar Amp Emulation – Software & Hardware

Guitar amp simulators, loved by many, loathed by many. You can not be a guitarist in society today without hearing names such as Kemper, AmpliTube, Guitar Rig, the list goes on. As many of us have delved into recording at home with our own reasonably/not so reasonably sized bedroom/garage home studios, the idea of having a room dedicated solely to building up a collection of high quality tube and solid state guitar amps and heads, loads of effects and rack mounted gear has for the most part, been dashed. Many of us, can find solace with the number of hardware

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Dublin Gig Guide : 19th – 31st December 2016

Dublin Gig Guide 19th December 2016 – 31st December 2016 We are back with our final chapter of the Dublin Gig Guide for 2016, brought to you by Sound Training Online! Over the month there has been so much going on around the city it’s been tough to decide what to pick. Plenty of music, comedy, theatre shows and musicals over the Christmas period for all the family and we are sure that there will be something on for everyone of all ages! Kicking us off for the Christmas period we have the always fantastic Christy Moore playing in the

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Expect Delays – A Brief Insight Into Delay

Delay In today’s ever growing realm of technological advancements, Delay has maintained its crown as one of the most effective and versatile audio effects there is. Delay, at its simplest, is a delayed or repeated audio signal that is fed back into itself. The sound is recorded, stored and then is played back after a certain length of time, which is determined by the setting on the Delay unit. Delay units possess many parameters that can help alter and manipulate the sound. Delay is commonly used on multiple elements including, but not limited to, Vocals, Guitars, and even Drums! Delay

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Dublin Gig Guide : 12th – 18th December

Dublin Gig Guide 12th – 18th December It’s that time of the week again! The time where we create happiness and cheers amongst you all with our weekly instalment of our Dublin Gig Guide!  Your weekly supply of all the best gigs happening in Dublin for the next week! Quiet enough this week early on, but as the weekend draws closer there is a huge amount of stuff going on around the city! Again, this week showcases quite a number of home-grown Irish acts proving that Dublin is continuous with its support of Irish music! Monday kicks off with a

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Dublin Gig Guide : 5th – 11th December

Dublin Gig Guide 5th – 11th December We’re back this week with our Dublin Gig Guide! This week sees a large number of homegrown talent as well as international starts gracing our shores! Starting off the week we have punk-rockers Pierce the Veil performing the first of two shows in Dublin this week before the head back to the States for a number of shows before Christmas. Also on Monday night english rock outfit Ocean Colour Scene play the first of their two shows as well this week, and both gigs are on in the Olympia which is the perfect

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creative audio tools

Students and Lecturers present their Creative Audio Projects

Here at Sound Training, we love our recording studios; nothing excites us more than a fancy new piece of analog gear! However, we also appreciate and embrace the opportunities that technological developments are bringing to our industry. Producers, engineers and composers can now develop their own new creative audio tools as synths, effects and plugins. CSound Conference This potential was highlighted last weekend at a conference hosted by NUI Maynooth (thanks to Iain McCurdy for organising), celebrating the audio programming language Csound. A number of our students and staff presented their work to the world’s best Academics, Composers, Sound Designers

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Christmas discount

Christmas Deals on Intro Courses

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re offering a 20% discount on some of our introductory courses. Gift the gift of learning this Christmas! We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here in Sound Training College, and to spread the Christmas cheer (and education), we’re offering 20% discounts on our introductory courses. We have a wide variety of courses on offer with something to suit all interests (provided they’re interested in music!) Our gift voucher range is the perfect way to start someone on the path of learning more about something they love, discovering a new hobby, or maybe even a new career! Range

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Dublin Gig Guide : 28th November – 4th December 2016

As December creeps into our midst, we can still delay the entire Christmas shenanigans for another week or two at least! Thankfully you can distract yourself from the big fella’ in the red suit with our next instalment of our weekly Dublin Gig Guide! Easing us into the week on Monday night we have a sold out performance by Glen Hansard and his full band in none other than Vicar Street. The performance will include strings and brass so you can expect it to be a different gig in comparison to his solo shows! Always giving everything in any performance the

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Dublin Gig Guide : 20th – 27th November 2016

This week the Sound Training Online Dublin gig guide brings you an eclectic mix of all things live! First off, on Monday night Paul Simon will follow hot on the heels of Rod Stewart, and will be performing at the 3Arena in promotion of his newest release “Stranger to Stranger” which has been available on shelves since June. Tuesday night sees the 3Arena play host again but this time to Jess Glynne as she brings her familiar style of indie pop to Ireland for her biggest headline show on the island to date, be sure to check out both gigs if you can! On Wednesday night, *The Helix

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Understanding Reverb

Reverb is an essential tool in the arsenal of both the Sound Engineer and the Producer alike. It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that the first artificial reverb was created, which finally enabled the Sound Engineer to control and shape the sound of reverb. Skip forward to 1976, where the next big milestone in the history of Reverb belongs to EMT, as they created the world’s first digital reverb unit, the “EMT 250″. As the years went by, more and more companies began to develop and release their own styles of reverb units, each one with its own unique sounds

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Dublin Gig Guide : 14th – 20th November 2016

Rod Stewart rolls back into town this week with two headline shows on Friday and Saturday evening at the 3Arena, both kicking off at 6.30pm. Be sure to get in early as no doubt it will be packed once those doors open! This week also sees French cover specialists Nouvelle Vague take to the Button Factory stage on Wednesday night. The Button Factory also plays host to Dublin-based duo We Cut Corners on Saturday night, who will be performing their own take on alternative indie rock. Be sure to check them out if you can! It was a tough one to

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Expanding your Education – Stories from students and lecturers alike

Here at STC we primarily deal in teaching students about the practical and theoretical aspects of the music industry, but it doesn’t stop there. We encourage students and staff alike to continue on their educational journeys, and strive to facilitate this as best we can. Over the past year we have helped numerous students and lecturers achieve a diverse range of fantastic opportunities to improve both their education and career options. Education can be costly, so we provide help and guidance to students researching and applying for any financial scholarships and programmes that we can. Here is an excerpt of

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The Best Music Production Software

Music Production Software, known as Digital Audio Workstations (or DAWs for short), come in many shapes and sizes, and at a variety of different prices. When starting out a Music Producer, selecting a DAW can be quite a daunting and intimidating experience. After all, this is potentially your future livelihood we’re talking about here! Selecting one as your creative outlet is a big decision. Therefore, one of the most frequently asked questions within the music tech industry is : “What is the best DAW on the market?”. The question has led to many a debate, and sometimes even arguments (seriously,

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songwriting basics

International Student Experience

Dublin is one of the best places in the world for International Students. Culture, atmosphere, live music and a wide range of festivals make Dublin the city it is. But while all of these are great reasons to study in Dublin, the quality of education and experience is of course the most important. Here at Sound Training College we offer a range of courses for International students, tailored to provide the knowledge and experience necessary to start your career in the music industry. “I don’t think there’s another course in the world that gives you more hands-on experience on a

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Student Experience Update – April 2016

Updates on the latest goings on around Sound Training College including Searchlight 2016, moving home, launching of the Music Academy and guest lecture masterclasses.

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songwriting class


The Melody of a song is what sets it apart from all others. Melodies often contain the Hook of the song, which is essentially a memorable musical phrase designed to peak the listeners interest. Where certain Chord Progressions have been used in countless songs throughout the years, the various Melodies in these songs is what makes them unique and stand apart from one another. In the following video, professional Songwriter and Sound Training Online tutor Richey McCourt, takes a look at the extremely popular song “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen. We will see how a relatively ordinary

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Graduate Interview Series – Fergal Davis

After a hectic few months getting ready for the new academic year, moving into the new building, upgrading the old building and just generally being really busy, we’ve finally gotten around to putting together the next entry in our Graduate Interview Series with the accomplished and very talented Fergal Davis, highly regarded Mastering engineer and STC lecturer.

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pro-tools lessons

Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing has been used by both Sound Engineers and Music Producers in search of the perfect mix for many years. Its uses vary from subtly adding more presence to certain elements within a mix, to creating bold new sonic textures and effects.

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Creative Use Of White Noise

“Through the creative use of Envelopes, Filters and Effects, we can shape White Noise in order to create lots of different sonic textures.”

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Graduate Interview Series – Philip Magee

We continue our series of interviews with Sound Training College graduates this month with Philip Magee. Philip graduated in 2002 and has gone from strength to strength since then. We caught up with him to discuss freelance engineering, hard work and water fights.

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warp-modes ableton

Warping in Ableton Live

In the pre-Warping era, altering the tempo (or playback speed) of a piece of audio would also alter the pitch. Slowing down audio would lower the pitch, where speeding up audio would raise the pitch.

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mick sound training

Graduate Interview Series – Michael Heffernan

This post is the first in a series of interviews that will be conducted with alumni of Sound Training College over the coming months. The interviews are a great way to catch up with former students and see what they are doing now. There really is an interesting diversity of paths that have been followed, which we intend to showcase with this interview series. So if you’re wondering about where Sound Training College can bring you, make sure you check out each edition of this series. Michael Heffernan is a Sound Engineer / Producer from Dublin, who has been working

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music courses

Second Term STC Student Experience Update

Live Sound, Lighting & Stage Production It’s a busy time for the live class students as the pre-production rehearsals for Searchlight 2015 get under way in The Button Factory. They have been mapping out the venue for the main and acoustic stage set-ups. Over the next few weeks leading up to the Searchlight Show on March 25th, each band will come in and spend 2 days with the students working out their stage show, both audio and visual. One of the bands Luna Luna are pictured here making use of the BRAND NEW SOUND TRAINING DRUM SKIN! (Which we’re very excited

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Music Production Course

First Term STC Student Experience Update

It has been a busy first term here at the Sound Training College! Here is an idea of what our students get up to day to day here in Temple Bar…

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Music Theory – It’s Important To Know The Basics

Music Theory is an often over-looked area of Music Production. I know this because I have been guilty of overlooking it in the past myself. One of the most frustrating aspects of Music Production is developing a track that you are really happy with, but then hitting a wall and not knowing how to progress the track further.

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electronic music production

Hit Song Deconstruction – ‘Hey Brother’ by Avicii

What makes a song a hit? There are a whole host of factors to consider, however there is no definitive method. You can talk about production techniques, larger than life artists, endless marketing budgets etc., but at the end of the day if the song doesn’t sound good musically then it’s never going to get off the ground. The Track Deconstruction series by Sound Training Online is stripping back popular tracks by well known artists and having a look at how they are put together. The series will focus on Music Theory, as opposed to Production Techniques in order to

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